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Our Dreamweaver templates can easily be edited and customized with Macromedia Dreamweaver®.Please note, that we do not complete our templates with files."To keep a man away from sin," the rabbis limited to midnight the time for performing a number of precepts which otherwise could have been fulfilled during the whole night (Ber. The "standard" hours (according to system b) are used in halakhah to set related periods of time, such as "six hours" Sources: Bornstein, in: Ha-Tekufah, 6 (1920), 247–313; M. Tucazinsky, Bein ha-Shemashot (1929); Burstein, in: Shanah be-Shanah, 6 (1965–66), 101–35.

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In contrast to Greek mythology, however, it is not the darkness, or the abyss, that "gave birth" to the light.

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