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Rosenberg says he first learned of the hacking shortly after becoming mayor in 2013.As he previously told first reported on the hacking last December.Ten of the overall incidents involved dams.“Often, hydro facilities are in the middle of nowhere and they are often unmanned, and so you need some sort of remote monitoring and remote control,” he says.

It was just gathering water levels and keeping that on a spreadsheet.”Mayor Rosenberg says it’s possible the Iranians chose the Bowman Avenue Dam because they mistook it for a more significant dam with a similar name.The floodgate of the Bowman Avenue Dam is just 15 feet wide and two and a half feet tall, but cybersecurity experts say if the Iranians were able to access its control system, they could also likely get inside systems for more significant infrastructure, such as pipelines, mass transit systems and power grids. While many of the targets were major banks in the U.S., one of the hackers also allegedly tapped into the dam’s control system.The Nazis also apparently planned to blow it up, history experts have said.More recently, a hacker affiliated with the Iranian government allegedly targeted a much smaller dam—in Rye Brook, New York, about 30 miles north of Manhattan. Justice Department unsealed an indictment last week that names seven Iranian nationals who are facing charges related to cyberattacks on 46 companies from 2011 to 2013.

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Its mayor, Paul Rosenberg, tells the hacker caused no damage because the structure was in “maintenance mode.”“I’m getting a lot of questions in terms of what was the damage that really could have happened had this person actually been able to active the sluice gate dam,” Rosenberg says.

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