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Because bottles were still hand-blown into molds until about 1910, irregularities were common.

In addition to the embossed “Coca-Cola” on the bottles themselves, bottlers also glued a diamond-shaped paper label to the side of each bottle to further identify its contents.

They are made of PET, glass and aluminum, with bottles and cans of different sizes from campaigns like 'Always item, even though it’s only from 2013" says Dave, who has collectables dating back to the 1960s.

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There are also items from the USA, a series of six aluminium bottles from 2015 with all the names of Santa’s reindeers, and glass bottle collections from right back to the 80s,” he says, namechecking just a few of his star pieces.

“I have Christmas items from Turkey, Germany, Argentina and Brazil (like the bottle with Santa inside).

each of them represents a story, a moment, a place,” he says.

“We treasure these holiday items in our collections, because they bring back great memories.” .

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