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Elemental Force Equip spell1Discard one Elemental Dragon Hero from the hand to the grave, one random monster is selected from the opponent’s deck, the Elemental Dragon Hero this is equipped to gains 100 Atk points for every level that monster has, all the monsters on the opponent’s side when this effect is activated loses 100 Atk points for every level it has as long as they are on the field, returned the selected monster to the deck and shuffle it.2When the monster equipped with this would be destroyed in battle, send this card to the graveyard to negate it’s destruction and cut the battle damage in half.

Final Elemental Fusionspell Effect Pay half of your life points, then send materials from the hand, deck and field to the graveyard that is the materials for an Elemental Dragon Hero fusion monster and summon it, any materials already in the graveyard is also included (If all the materials is already in the graveyard, just summon the fusion monster).

E - Dragon Village (field spell)Effects:1, All Elemental Dragon Heroes on the field gain 400 Atk.2, Once per turn during either player's turn, by removing one Elemental Dragon Hero in the graveyard from the game, for this turn all battle damage involving a Elemental Dragon Hero is cut in half, also all Elemental Dragon Heroes are unaffected by card effects, also any effects currently effecting them are negated.

FUSION MONSTERS: Elemental Dragon Hero Aquaburst (Burstwing Aqua Blast)Atk: 2800 Def: 2500 lv 8 WATERAs long as this card is on the field, every Elemental Dragon Hero on the field gains 300 Atk for every Elemental Dragon Hero in the graveyard2When this card is sent to the graveyard you can summoned an Elemental Dragon Hero from the graveyard with an extra 500 points Elemental Dragon Hero Vortex Fang (Lightningstorm Quickclaw)Atk: 2600 Def: 2600 lv 7 WIND1When this card is fusion summoned, it returns all opposing monsters to the opponent’s hand, then draw 1 card for each monster, if any monster was special summoned they return to the field at the end of the turn, any special conditions ignored.2Once per turn, by discarding one card target one monster and subtract half the amount of its def from its atk.

Then target one opposing monster and that monster loses Atk equal to half of Elemental Hero Neos's Atk Special ability 2: By removing the dragon type fusion material from the game, Neos the Dragonic Warrior gain Atk points equal to the dragon type material's original Atk as long as he remains on the field.

Neo Spacian Burst Scarab (Can only be summoned by using NEX)Atk: 800 Def: 600. Ability: This card gains 500 Atk and Def for every spell and trap card on the player's side of the field.

Defender Dragon Atk: 2000 Def: 1500, Level 4, Attribute: Light.

Ability Whenever the opponent activates a card effect, the player can decrease this card's Atk by 200, negate the effect and if it’s a spell/trap, destroy the card, also the opponent can’t activate anymore card effects that turn.

Neo Spacian Darkness Panther (Can only be summoned by using NEX)Atk: 1500 Def: 1000. Ability: Once per turn, until the end phase of the turn, this card can be treated as another monster and copy that monster's special abilities, this card also gains half of targeted monster's Atk.Attribute: Fire, Level 8This card gets 500 Atk and Def for every spell and trap card on the field.This card won't leave the field once the turn is over.Elemental Dragon Hero Terrastorm Drake (Terradrake Quickclaw)Atk: 2600 Def: 2500 Lv 7 EARTH1discard any number of cards from the hand, force that amount of opposing monsters to defense monsters, this card can attack all the monsters whose position were switch with this effect, cannot attack any other monsters when this effect is used, also It can’t attack directly the turn this ability was used even if the target(s) leave the field.2When this card destroys an opposing monster in battle, it inflicts 300 points of damage for every Elemental Dragon Hero in the graveyard.Elemental Dragon Hero Wildfire (Burstwing Quickclaw fusion)Atk: 2200, def 1400 FIRE Level 61Sacrifice one monster on your side of the field, give one Elemental Dragon Hero 1200 Atk until the end phase of your opponents next turn.2Once per turn if one of your monsters are attacked while in attack mode, negate its destruction, make the battle damage 0, and deal 200 points of damage to the opponent per level that monster has.

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