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“[Maui] is one of the few places in the Hawaiian islands where the archaeological landscape of an entire ancient district is still intact, not disturbed either by plantation agriculture or modern tourism or housing developments,” Kirch said. “When in use, they had thatched buildings to hold temple paraphernalia, wooden images, wooden oracle towers, et cetera, but all of those perishable superstructures are now gone. No online dating profile for the world to see.26 Years’ Experience working with single professionals.It’s Just Lunch offers clients a chance to get acquainted over lunch.“With the uranium/thorium coral dating we are getting error ranges of about 2 to 10 years at two standard deviations. “This is the same time during which the Hawaiian oral traditions indicate that Maui island was consolidated into a single kingdom, under the reigns of King Pi’ilani and his successors Kiha-a-Pi’ilani and Kamalalawalu.” [Learn about a discovery from another pivotal period: “1,500-Year-Old Village, A Sign of ‘Revolution’ in the Southwest, Excavated in Colorado” What’s more, the team’s results suggest that a peak of temple construction occurred between about 15, when eight temples were built farther inland.This is consistent with the known settlement patterns of the region, Kirch noted, when most people lived and farmed in the uplands, where there was enough rainfall to grow sweet potatoes and taro.

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“We do not know the exact ideology behind this, but there are hints in Hawaiian traditions that the corals may have represented the god Kane — the god of flowing waters, irrigation, and the taro plant — or possibly the god Lono, the god of dryland farming and the sweet potato.” While their precise purpose remains unclear, the corals are nonetheless useful, because they can be scientifically dated.

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