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He hindered, rather than helped, the work I tried to do there. I had to duck to avoid having sharp objects thrown at my face. He forced me to unfriend one Turkish man on Facebook, and wanted me to unfriend many more.

Two days later, however, I was jailed by Turkish police for several hours when I tried to simply enter a large public speech in Antalya by the president of Turkey.

She began flashing the cash kitting out her closest friends with new outfits and drinking £50-a-time bottles of whisky and jetting herself and her pals round the country to wild parties.

He told Herald Live: 'She threw surprise birthday parties for her friends and showered them with expensive gifts and flew them to events where she bought the best seats.'When the SPAR receipt was leaked showing a balance of R13.6-million in her account I called NSFAS and they checked their records and confirmed that the initial amount was R14-million'.

A student who received a staggering £850,000 instead of her usual £85 monthly grant, was today forced to flee an outraged mob that disrupted a press conference she was holding to 'explain herself'.

Sibongile Mani, 27, managed to spend £50,000 on clothes, drink and expensive hairdressers appointments, and is now facing arrest and being charged with theft.

But instead the company that administers the financial aid allowances at the university called Intellimali fouled up and sent £850,000 (14million Rand) in cash to the hard up student.

Eyebrows were raised initially when her neat corn-row hairstyle was replaced with £180-a-time Peruvian weaves and she began wearing designer outfits and bought a brand new i Phone 7.

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She said she was not denying anything but would tell her side later but she has fled the campus and gone into hiding and shut down her Facebook page.

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