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I told him I would let him know by COB today when we would collect (within the next day or two), and I would pay a deposit based on the date (I. if I was collecting today I wouldn't have bothered paying a deposit).

The website is owned by e Bay, which does have ID checking but is also vulnerable to criminal scams, according to research by Citizens Advice.

I've told him if the buyer falls through we will pay asking price, but now I'm thinking about offering more. I would report him if there was a function to do so. If he wanted more he should have said no or listed it on ebay.

Its not ideal, but I don't think there are any rules stating they can't do that.

I agreed to purchase a pram last week, but couldn't collect for 4 days. She then told me people were contacting her saying that they could come before I could and would pay immediately.

If you're stupid enough to pay for something over Gumtree by direct bank transfer, your sources of recourse when you get ripped off are limited.24-year-old Edd Joseph realised that his chances of getting the £80 back for the PS3 games and console he bought from the rogue seller were slim to none, so turned to William Shakespeare in a bid for revenge.

The Bristolian discovered he could copy the text for every one of the Bard's plays from a browser and paste them into an SMS, before sending it to the Gumtree advertiser's contact number.

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