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I've a sample below, the Grid View Template is bound to Category Name.On Row Updating is fired when the 'Edit' button is clicked. Is the data bound to the gridview, your gridview markup doesn't say that it is bound to Category Name. trim to "Lennon" I have those Textbox in Form View, binding with property using Bind("First Name"). I want those value to be trim before saving, what is the best way to do this ? This way, i was saved from logging individual query parameters at different code points.Computers are generally excellent at repeating tasks multiple times, be it 10, 15, or 1,478,239,129 times - I think the idea I'm sharing is for acting on a single instance of your problem, it's your perogative to work out how to modularise it. If you have such intercepting point inside Bind(String property Name), you can do trimming there.As a workaround I have changed the datasource for my grid to bind with the combo box's underlying value rather than the text value, although you should be able to use either. To overcome this issue, bind the grid on Page_Init event handler.Functionality like this should be consistent whetehr you have Enable Callbacks set to true or fasle. Please try this solution, and let us know if this helps.Binding in Page_Init event has not made a difference. Then click Edit on the grid and do not change the selection in the combo, just click update.

We set Enable Callbacks=false on our grids at the same time we upgraded so I assumed it was the upgrade that caused the issue, not the Enable Callbacks=false. ASPx Grid View loads the client state for all controls into the Edit Form between Page_Init and Page_Load event handlers - this is the base of the ASP. You bind the grid on Page_Load event handler, and the grid recreates editors in the Edit Form, but its state is not loaded.

Here's my code : protected sub Grid View1_Row Updating(By Val sender as object, By Val e as System. 1/ detailsview1 are working well at the time inserting data.

Keys("Nama_PT") & "'" sqldatasource1.update() end sub After updating the record, i found my data has not changed, still old values.

Even though I have a workaround I'm pretty sure this needs to be addressed as turning callbacks off should NOT break other existing functionality.

Would you be able to re-check your suggested solution please and post the project with the fix in so I can see exactly what you have done that I am missing? Hi Ruslan, The code you have posted still has the same problem.

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Please post the code for your Page_Load method and the that handles your Update (your C# code) so we can have a better look at what's going on. Please give some references and/or details of how to. This wipes out the data provided by the user during editing (editing happens after the page load).

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