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But her stories of happy mealtimes spent devouring plates of homemade food are at odds with her parents' marital problems.In fact, they separated in the mid-Seventies when Dawn was in her mid-teens.Dawn's mother remained in Saltash, where she ran a poodle parlour.The children had been sent to boarding school when their father was in the RAF - Dawn was a pupil at St Dunstan's Abbey School, Plymouth.

There was, he says, "an instant attraction" and their relationship was serious enough for Dawn to lose her virginity to him. "She was vivacious, good fun, highly independent, highly intelligent - everything you see in her now, really." While her beau was at sea, Dawn would lie on her boarding school bunk and write him long, passionate love letters.

The devastating death marked the end of family life in more ways than one.

Shortly afterwards, her brother left home and Dawn set off to London to pursue a career as a drama teacher.

But even after their father left the service, they continued to board.

More intriguingly, they did not spend their school holidays in their mother's home.

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