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The majority of private schools listed on this site are day schools.

Many private day schools also offer boarding, meaning both local and residential students mix in the classroom and on the field.

Boarding schools are often located in rural locations on expansive grounds, though some are found in big cities and feature both boarding and local day students.

Students attend boarding school to receive an immersive educational experience and develop critical life skills like independence and leadership.

[Read More] Available throughout much of Canada and at all ages, all-girls schools have remained popular with parents who want their daughters to develop a strong sense of themselves and their abilities as women.Boarding students often come from out-of-town (sometimes even from a different country), but many students local to the school also choose to live in residence.[Read More] Private day schools come in all shapes and sizes -- the common theme being that, unlike at boarding schools, students go back to their homes at the end of the day.Proponents of single-sex schools say it allows educators to tailor the curriculum and environment specifically to girls' unique needs.They also say it frees girls from the social distraction of boys.

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