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Hence funds have to be invested in a conservative way with a consistent growth and insulated from market risks The unique advantage with LIC is the contributions made by the company and interests credited by LIC are irreversible.

This ensures highest level of safety for the total corpus and consistency in future contributions.

Advantage of ‘real outsourcing’ can be derived by associating with LICNo hidden charges: The scheme is focused on a long term association in compliance with investment regulations and statutory payment obligations and no charges are levied on the transactions for which the fund is meant for.

Funding can also be in a staggered pattern during the year, but no charges at entry level for any number of payments.

For the year 2009-10, LIC has offered 9.00% - 9.65% depending on fund size.

The interest declared is net of administrative expenses incurred, hence no separate charges are charged after crediting the interest.

We offer multiple fund options under the Group Gratuity Plan to meet your diverse financial goals.The investments will be made in accordance with the fund objectives.To provide accumulation of income through investment in various fixed income securities.The employer can provide gratuity benefits as per the rules of the schemes framed with reference to the Gratuity Act or on better terms as decided by the company.The benefit payable will be the accrued gratuity amount for the employee and the bundled life cover (in case of death)on the basis of Anticipated Gratuity which is the amount paid over and above the Accrued Gratuity of an employee in the event of his premature death before retirement age, for the balance years of his service.

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Another significant aspect is interest gets compounded annually, hence no reinvestment issues and no time lags.

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