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The first federal trafficking law was passed in 2000.

And someone can give you all the articulation of a better hope and dreams and all those things.”The girl and her family declined to be interviewed for this story.

And it’s an ongoing problem, police said.“I’m sure there are rings going on right now in Lansing,” said Ted Docks, the agent who leads the FBI’s Lansing office.

“I think there’s other Christopher Bryants, Tyrone Smiths in our area, as well as other areas.”Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth, whose office has worked on all of the recent local sex-trafficking cases, declined to be interviewed for this story, saying he didn’t want to jeopardize ongoing investigations.

At least one man came to the apartment, Ireland told police, but left before doing anything with the girl because the would-be john worried he’d walked into a police sting.

That night, Ireland raped the girl while she was sleeping. Ireland is now in prison, at least until 2022, on multiple charges related to the rape.

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Experts say just as there’s no community immune from the crime, there’s no demographic — age, race, gender, religion, economic class — not at risk of being victimized. It’s a problem thrust into the local spotlight by recent high-profile sex-trafficking cases against Lansing’s Tyrone Smith and Christopher Bryant.

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